Workplace Health and Safety Training

SafetyTraining-200w160In order to protect your organization, contain safety risks, and reduce costs, all employees should know their rights and responsibilities. Safety training can affect your bottom line by saving money on Workers Compensation premiums and preventing OSHA fines. Download our Registration Form

Unless otherwise stated all expenses (materials, manuals, certificates, and travel within the San Francisco Bay Area) are included in the course price. Travel to some areas around northern California may be extra. Call us at 408-242-2418 for a free estimate or proposal.


 Class DescriptionHoursOn-site Cost Per PersonNotesOther Requirements
boxBlueBack Safety
Injury to the back remains a leading cause of downtime and long term impairment. Keeping in mind basic principals attendees are taught real-world techniques to protect their back while getting the job done.2$35.00On-Site only
boxBlueBloodborne Pathogens
AIDS and Hepatitis remain significant threats to anyone who comes in contact with the bodily fluids of other people, either as a medical technician, waste worker or as a first responder. Course covers what bloodborne pathogens are, how employees can become infected, what can be done to protect them, how to clean a release, and what to do if exposed.2$35.00On-Site onlyRefresh annually.
boxBlueConfined Space Entry Awareness
Confined space safety has a special place due to the fact that each incident tends to create multiple victims from people attempting rescue. It is critical that anyone involved in confined space entry, even if not going in, need to be aware of all potential hazards, be knowledgeable about monitoring, entry permits, their task and responsibilities.4$100.00On-Site onlyAdditional training required if work conditions change.
boxBlueExcavation Safety Awareness
Danger of cave-ins is the prominent issue involved in working in a trench, but so are slips and falls and hazardous atmospheres. Soil classification, hazard recognition, shielding and sloping are just a few of the items reviewed in this overview course.4$100.00On-Site onlyAdditional training required if work conditions change.
boxBlueFall Protection Awareness
Anyone working 6' off the ground (7.5' in California) is required to employ some form of fall protection whether it be rail guards, fall restraint or fall arrest equipment. Course provides and overview of regulations, means and equipment used to protect workers working on elevated surfaces.4$100.00 On-site onlyAdditional training required if work conditions change.
boxBlueForklift Safety
All operators of forklifts are required to be certified prior to assignment. Four hour course covers the weakness in forklift design, proper operation technique, regulatory requirements, along with hands-on skills test on the equipment.4$100.00On-site onlyRefresh minimum every 3 years
boxBlueHearing Protection
Loud noise in the work environment is still a significant factor in on-the-job injury. In this two hour presentation, attendees are informed about their employers hearing program, why it is there, danger recognition, and what means are used to protect them.2$35.00On-site onlyRefresh annually.
boxBlueOffice Safety
Though not considered as dangerous as a manufacturing plant or construction site, the office environment still contains its own set of hazards. Fire, workplace violence, crime, ergonomic, chemical, slip and trip hazards are all present. Injuries result due to lack of awareness and appropriate vigilance.4$100.00On-site only
boxBlueRespiratory Protection
The respiratory system is the fastest and most effect way for someone to be exposed to contaminates. Attendees learn what means and equipment is used to protect them. Students learn about air purifying and supplied air respirators, their strengths/ weakness, when and how they are to be used and maintained.3$60.00On-site onlyRefresh annually.
boxBlueWorkplace Supervisor
Under OSHA regulations a lot of responsibility falls on the shoulders of middle management particularly the front line supervisor. What are those responsibilities, what are the tools to be effective in recognizing, documenting, responding to, communicating hazards in the workplace and how to react in the event of an accident. What is OSHA, what are its goals, how does it work for you and what do you do if inspected are all covered in this presentation.8$160.00On-site only