Hazardous Waste Operations Training

HazardousMatMgmt-200w180These comprehensive programs are designed to cover what supervisors and workers need to know to work safely with chemicals and hazardous materials, as well as OSHA regulations and procedures. A thorough examination will be conducted, and a Certificate of Training is awarded upon successful completion of each course. Download our Registration Form

Unless otherwise stated all expenses (materials, manuals, certificates, and travel within the San Francisco Bay Area) are included in the course price. Travel to some areas around northern California may be extra. Call us at 408-242-2418 for a free estimate or proposal.


 Class DescriptionHoursOn-site Cost Per PersonNotesOther Requirements
boxBlue40-Hour Hazardous Waste Operations
Required of anyone working on a hazardous waste site covers physical and chemical hazards, basic toxicology, personal protective equipment, air monitoring and hazard controls, regulatory overview are among a few of the topics covered in this comprehensive program. 40$560.00Refresh annually. Initial training requires additional 3 days of supervisor oversight.
boxBlue24-Hour Hazardous Waste Operations
Includes many of the topics covered by the 40 Hour course, but does not include air monitoring or respiratory protection as the hazard levels presents are comparatively low being well within acceptable exposure limits without protection.24$425.00Refresh annually. Initial training requires additional one day of supervisor oversight.
boxBlueHazardous Waste Operations Refresher
One day annual review of all of the topics covered in the initial training along with any updates in context with the attendee's concerns and actual work environment.8$140.00Refresh Annually
boxBlueHazardous Waste Operations Supervisor
Those with the responsibility of overseeing workers at a hazardous waste site must go through a supervisor training course. The presentation covers hazards and the means of control, but more from a program management standpoint. Also what is OSHA, its goals, and the employer's rights and responsibilities under its regulations. What to do if inspectors arrive for a walk-thru and what do you do if cited.8$160.00Does not require refresher.