Emergency Response Training

EmergResponse_200w180Providing health and safety training helps you to ensure your employees are not injured or made ill by the work they do, and avoid the financial costs of accidents and occupational illness. The law requires employers to provide information, and training to ensure the health and safety of employees.

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 Class DescriptionHoursOn-site Cost Per PersonNotesOther Requirements
boxBlueFirst Responder Awareness (OSHA)
Reviews hazard recognition and reporting, security zones, evacuation, and use of the DOT 's Emergency Response Guidebook.4$100Refresh annually/sufficient documented drill/experience.
boxBlueFirst Responder Operations (OSHA)
Includes all topic included in First Responder Awareness (FRA), but takes the attendee further into the techniques of defensive actions to limit the range of the release thereby reducing potential health risks to people and damage to the environment and property. Includes table-top and hands-on practice drills.8$140Refresh annually/sufficient documented drill/experience
boxBlue24 Hour Emergency Response Technician (ERT)  (OSHA)
Course includes defensive and appropriate offensive release response techniques, PPE, chemical and safety hazards, air monitoring, company action plans and notifications. Involves hands-on uses of equipment and both table-top and actual drills.24$425On-site onlyRefresh annually/sufficient documented drill/experience
boxBlueEmergency Response Tech (ERT) Refresher (OSHA)
One day review of topics covered in the initial three day course. Includes practice with responder equipment, review of company's emergency action plans, and actual drills.8$140On-site onlyRefresh annually/sufficient documented drill/experience
boxBlueIncident Response Mgmt (OSHA)
Intented for those people who will be assuming management roles in their company's response to a release. Course reviews emergency action plans for attendee's company, local and state authorities. Presentation includes table top exercises.8$165.00Requires 24 hr training including FRO. Refresh annually/sufficient documented drill/experience.
boxBlueDiesel Generator and Spill Response
Many companies maintain emergency backup power generators in the event the utility grid goes down. These companies are responsible to train their employees in the hazards of diesel, how to prevent spills from occurring, and what to do in the event a release does occur. The course in a couple of hours covers regulations, fill procedures, release notifications and priorities, as well as how to conduct a clean-up.4$100.00On-site onlyRefresh annually.
boxBlueFire Safety and Extinguisher Use
If an employer is expecting their employees to fight small fires, then employees are required to be trained in the use of fire extinguishers. There is however more than pulling a pin and spraying some agent at the fire. What is fire, why do they start, what are the different classes of fire, and how is each to be handled and more are explained.2$30.00On-site onlyRefresh annually.